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Company Profile : Making the CAC Choice


Chains & Allied Concern (CAC) is an organization with four decades of business tradition and a dynamic approach to innovation in the field of Manufacturing and Engineering. Founded in 1972, we have grown up with our high quality products to become the market leaders in the field of Material Handling and Power Transmission equipments.

The Building of an Industry Leader

Chains & Allied Concern was conceived with a long range goal to develop into a single source for various products used in the lifting and material handling industry with the highest levels of quality control available. Through a creative program of product awareness and aggressive acquisitions of market leading lines, CAC began its growth. The current experience level of our employees has been many years in the making.

Quality - Our No. 1 Priority

It is our vision and mission. Every service that we offer, in addition to providing products is assured to be of the best possible quality available keeping in pace with the rapid demands of industries and consumers. Quality First, Last and Forever

A History to Remember

Ever since its establishment in 1972, CAC is catering the material handling equipment market with a team of dedicated , qualified and diligent people. Since our beginning, the CAC mission has been to be the industry leader. We have always pushed ourselves to set the standards for others to follow. As in the past, our goal is to give you products that will benefit you and your industry.

The broad range spectrum of our Consumers include the following industries

CAC products are the offers of state of the art processes and technology. We also manufacture and market specialized products as per customers requirements. We not only offer quality products to the market but also provide technical consultancy related to the selection, usage, installation and maintenance of all lifting and material handling equipments.

Complete Product Line

Time-Tested Brand names that are still market leaders form the core products. Most of our products bear the genuine "ISI" mark granted by The Bureau of Indian Standards or better still, come from highly reliable ISO 9001 manufacturers.The CAC range of products include highly recognized brand names in the industry. Each has stood for quality for many years. TI Diamond Chains ( Murugappa Group) , INDEF Chain Pulley Block & Hoists ( Hercules Hoists Ltd.) and ORION Steel Wire Ropes are just to mention a few.

Trusted Genuine Products

Similar products in the market cannot be substituted in place of CAC products just because they "look" alike. Our products are manufactured with the highest design factors in the industry. At CAC , we recognize the importance of essential performance and high efficiency because that's the way the company reached its cap stone, building upon the fundamentals of true business process logic.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering is the application of scientific principles to practical ends in the design, construction and use of equipment and systems. CAC engineers its product to perform.Our products are usually certified from laboratories which are fully equipped with most modern and exhaustive testing facilities to confirm the quality as per the requirements of above referred standards.

Customer Service & Satisfaction

A Technical Support Team is also ready to answer any questions in regards to our products or services. These services provide important benefits, such as choosing product to best suit your requirements, improving the existing transmission setup etc., which results in lowering of your business and running costs and increase in profits. We have been catering to the consumer market throughout India by supplying excellent quality products and are known for our prompt deliveries as per schedule and efficient after sales service.

The impressive array of orders received from our satisfied customers is an indication of our presence and the high reputation we have been enjoying in the market for nearly three decades. At CAC - We know , we care.


Quality First, Last and Forever

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