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Stainless Steel ropes & Nets Manila Ropes, Polypropylene Ropes

Wire Ropes
Are primarily designed keeping in view severe working conditions, reverse binding, and shock loading. Available ex-stock in sizes 22  mm, 24 mm, 25 mm, 26 mm, and 28 mm. Other sizes are manufactured against  orders.
        slingsphoto6.jpg (7873 bytes)
         wpe43.jpg (5815 bytes)    Fishing Ropes
Are manufactured from extra heavy zinc coated wires to withstand  sea water corrosion. They are made using Polypropylene  as core and are heavily coated with lubricant. Available  ex-stock in lengths  of 305 Mtr., 457.5 Mtr., 610 Mtr., 800 Mtr in sizes 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm & 16 mm. Special constructions extra flexible fishing ropes are also available at reasonable prices.
Elevator Ropes
Are manufactured from joint-less continuous wires in the tensile range 1230, 1420 & 1570 N/mm2 and are available with ISI marking. The core in the rope is made up of four strand extra flexible Sisal. High quality of Polymer based lubricant prevents it from corrosion. Available ex-stock in sizes 8 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, & 16 mm with construction 8x19S.


               Slings3photo.jpg (6956 bytes)

           slings2photo.jpg (7619 bytes) Fine Chord Extra Flexible Ropes

Are specially made for hoisting applications and are available in 6x36SW construction with sizes staring from 6mm onwards and are available in ex-stock. Steel core ropes are made with IWRC as cores and not strands.

Ropes for Pulling &Lifting Machines

Are specially made from high tensile galvanized steel wire with cotton mixed core to provide extra compression with 6x19F &  6x36S constructions in sizes 8.3 mm, 11.3 mm & 16.3 mm.

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Tested Wire Rope Slings
Are made from quality wire ropes manufactured in house and are tested on horizontal bed, proof  load testing machine and they go through rigorous test in laboratories before rolling out. Available against orders only with very short delivery period. Ropes are largely being converted into slings as slings find variety of applications in engineering industries, construction and material handling. In addition to standard slings, tailor made`s are made to cater specific applications. Slings are usually made out of high tensile ropes to make them light and incorporate high carrying capacity. Standards are available for the users to refer for fabrication, installation, usage and maintenance of slings.

Technical Information

Wires are laid hellically above a center to form a strand, which is further laid hellically over a core to form a rope. The chief component parts of a stranded wire rope are

1. The WIRES or WIRES & FIBER forming the strand.
2. The STRANDS laid uniformly over the core to form the ROPE
3. The CORE which provides the foundation on which the ROPE is laid

SIZE of Rope

It is the diameter of wire rope measured over crowns of the strand. the above diameter is the NOMINAL diameter of the circle enclosing all the outer strands of the rope.

The actual diameter of the wire rope shall be the nominal diameter associated with manufacturing tolerance as specified in the relevant standards whereby the maximum and the minimum diameters permissible are quoted with the help of (+) & (-) percentage of the rope diameter.

Diameter is usually expressed in 'millimeters (mm)' however some standards still follow 'inch' units.Examples of the rope size- 10 mm dia.,1/2 inch dia, 1 inch circumference

Wire Rope Construction

The construction of the rope indicates the method of arrangement of wires in a rope. The reliable and efficient behavior of a wire rope, and its durability under given set of conditions are largely governed by the following constructional features of the rope

1. The grade of steel of the rope wires.
2. The number and arrangement of the wires within the strands.
3. The number and arrangement of strands in the rope.
4. The type, direction and length of rope and strand lays.
5. The method of fabrication in the manufacture of rope.

Round Strand
Triangular Strand
Oval Strand

The following groups can be referred during the selection of wire rope.

6 X 7 Group (Coarse laid Group)
6 X 19 Group (Flexible Rope Group)
6 X 37 Group (Extra Flexible Group)
8 X 19 Group (Round Strand Rope Group)
Marine Group Rope Constructions
Flattened Strand Rope Group Construction
Non Rotating Rope Group
Endurance Dyform Special rope

CAC's Orion wire ropes conforming to various specifications like -

Indian Standard (BIS)

British Standard (BS)

German Standard (DIN)

U.S. Federal
Russian Standard (Gost)

Japanese Standard (JIS)

American Petroleum Institute (API)

International Standard (ISO)

We are also supplying wire ropes certified by competent authority as declared by -

SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Ltd. , U.K. , to cover requirements of ISO-9002.

BIS to cover manufacture of Engineering ropes to IS 2266/89.

Directorate General Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes (Regulation 1990)

Directorate of Industrial Health And Safety.

Orion Ropes are licensed to mark products with "ISI" mark granted by The Bureau of Indian Standards.

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